Case Study

Servus Credit Union, Loan Origination System

Among the fifteen Loan Origination Solution alternatives that were identified and reviewed, CALMS was confirmed by all references as by far the best.


Servus Credit Union is the second largest Alberta-based Credit Union and sixth largest in Canada. They offer a complete line of banking products and services, including registered accounts, financing, investment and insurance.

These are delivered through the personalized service of their modern branch network and electronically through their extensive ATM, telephone and internet channels. As a member-owned financial institution with more than $2 billion in assets, Servus serves more than 110,000 individuals and businesses with 27 full service locations and 2 service outlets throughout Central and Southern Alberta. They recently announced plans to enter the Calgary market. Servus employs 500 people.

The existing computer systems were obtained through a service bureau provider owned by a regional group of Credit Unions, including Servus.


The group undertook a project to identify and evaluate new core banking and loans origination systems. Servus needed dynamic, scalable and responsive systems suited to their goals for corporate efficiency growth. While looking at new systems within the group project, Servus also considered whether the service bureau model approach could deliver the needed flexibility and responsiveness with respect to products, pricing and programs and also support continuous improvement in customer service.

This triggered a search for available stand-alone alternatives for both a Loan Origination System (LOS) and a Banking System.

Technical Considerations:

  • Web-enabled technology
  • Electronic document and signature management
  • Front to back integration of systems
  • Anticipate integration of emerging wireless technologies


Among the fifteen LOS alternatives that were identified and reviewed, the CALMS solution, backed by White Clarke Group’s reputation for delivering on their service commitments and being responsive to client needs, was confirmed by all references as by far the best.

The flexible, dynamic, user-friendly capabilities of the system meant that it would certainly be an option for Servus. On detailed review, White Clarke Group’s CALMS was the alternative that:

  • could be delivered to Servus timeline
  • would meet Canadian operating and regulatory requirements
  • would be easy-to-use
  • would have the ability to be configured and re-configured as Servus needed

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today.


The CALMS implementation would entail integration with the new banking system as well as numerous outside agencies.

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today.

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