Auto Captives Summit 2018 – Time to Think Bigger!

The biggest and best lineup of presenters ever will be speaking at the next Auto Captives Summit, at The Shard on 25th January 2018!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend our largest ever event, network with senior colleagues from across Europe and enjoy the views from one of London’s most prestigious conference venues.

Manufacturer captives who “Think Bigger” about digitalisation will dominate the emerging connected auto finance world. Tomorrow’s leaders in auto finance are acting now to develop and implement enterprise-wide digital strategies and the latest technology innovations to optimise their business processes and to transform and deepen their online relationships with customers.

Pioneers in this new connected age are already deploying big data analytics to leverage value from customers and connected car data; building new partnerships with fintech firms to create customer-focussed digital ecosystems; and are devising and testing new multi-channel business products and services which threaten to supersede long-established business models.

The 2018 White Clarke Group Auto Captives Summit provides delegates with real life examples from the transforming digital world of automotive finance.

  • David Slider, EVP at White Clarke Group will set the theme for the day, share industry trends and encourage us to think bigger and push the limits we face in our organisations.
  • Toby Woolf, Big Data Automotive Leader at IBM will demonstrate how their big data technology is delivering actionable insights to auto finance captives;
  • Irfon Watkins, CEO at DOVU will be explaining how their new blockchain platform monetises the flow of connected car data between the driver and the organisations who want to use it.

In the afternoon we begin to explore the emerging digital models for selling auto finance.

  • Andy Hinrichs, CEO and Founder at Autogravity, has flown over from the US to brief delegates on his new auto finance sourcing business, which is taking the US market by storm. Autogravity source five pre-authorised auto finance offers to car buyers via an app on their mobile phones.
  • Toby Kernon, CEO at Wagonex will describe his new fintech start-up – one of the first in a growing number of simple, subscription based Cars-as-a-Service offerings, which threaten to replace contract hire and PCP by bundling all of the costs of car usage into one monthly payment.
  • Royce Curtin, Managing Director of Global Intelligence at Barclays Bank will give us insight to Data Wars – How Barclays manage the threat from cyber-attacks. Before he joined Barclays, Curtin was Deputy Assistant Director of National Intelligence in Washington, and prior to that a special Agent at the FBI. This speaker has unique insight into a growing problem for all digital organisations!
  • This year’s panel round-up will be led by Vinnett Taylor, Information of Things (IOT) thought leader at O2.

White Clarke Group’s Auto Captives Summit, entitled ‘Think Bigger’ is one of the year’s not-to-be-missed events and can be combined as a two day extravaganza by attending the International Auto Finance Network which takes place the following day after at the Hilton Tower Bridge.

The Auto Captives Summit 2018 is not just a run-of-the-mill conference but a unique opportunity for senior auto finance executives to meet to consider and debate the transforming landscape of auto finance and to network with other senior auto finance industry executives from companies such as: BMW Financial Services, Daimler Financial Services, FCA Automotive Services, Ford Credit, GM Financial, Honda Finance,  Hyundai Capital, Jaguar Land Rover, Mazda Finance, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, PSA Finance, RCI Financial Services, Tesla Motors, Toyota Financial Services, Volkswagen Financial Services, and Volvo Financial Services.

Delegate places for the event are strictly limited and on an invite-only basis. You can see the full agenda and register for your ticket at:

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