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Australia – Asset and Auto Finance Country Survey 2012


03 May 2012

The Australia Asset and Auto Finance Country Survey, published by Asset Finance International in association with White Clarke Group, examines in great depth the nature of the country’s asset finance and leasing sector – and whether the tagline “lucky country” is likely to continue in a post-recessionary environment.

Introduction by Alan Leesmith, Director IAA-Advisory

I have been visiting Australia regularly since before the turn of the century. At my peak I was travelling there eight times a year and one particular year I spent as much time in Australia as in my home country of the UK.

So what is it that attracts me - apart from the natural wonders, their love of sport, a great enthusiasm for the outdoor life style and a friendly welcome for all? Well as someone who spends his time advising equipment manufacturers and finance companies around the globe, I could hardly ignore a market that has been in the top 10 largest markets for more than two decades. Admittedly with the growth of the BRIC markets, Australia has now dropped to 11th place. It also is a country that is easy for a Brit to be involved with given that English is the language and the legal system is based on English law.

When I first started going to Australia, I was told that the leasing market was about 10 years behind that of the US or UK, but things have changed considerably and the industry puts great store in keeping abreast of what is happening elsewhere. Not only do Western European and US lessors have a presence, but Australian lessors have expanded internationally and can be found in Europe, North America, South Africa and of course in Asia, including the powerhouses of China and India and many of the countries of South East Asia.

Equally we see representatives of the Australian industry at major international conferences in Europe and the US keeping abreast of the latest developments.