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USA – Asset and Auto Finance Country Survey 2012


16 Oct 2012

The United States is the single largest economy in the world and, although events elsewhere such as developments in the eurozone and growth in China will have global repercussions, in terms of influence the US remains firmly at the forefront. It is more susceptible these days to global forces, such as the sovereign debt problems in the eurozone, but it continues to set the marker for the wellbeing of the global economy.

The US is also the benchmark for asset finance, with by far the largest equipment finance and leasing industry. In fact, leasing was first developed in the US in the 1950s and has since been successfully exported to developed economies and increasingly to emerging markets around the globe. The equipment leasing industry has grown to become a major force in the US economy, with an estimated value of $628bn in 2011.

After four years of global recession, the good news is that the US economy is seen to be gradually recovering. However, the effects of the financial crisis are still being felt.

The survey will provide a summary of US leasing activity; provide comment from key industry figures on the market, its outlook and the challenges and opportunities that face it; and review the latest developments in the floorplan market, accounting practice and taxation.