What leading European lessors think about Brexit


White Clarke Group’s Europe Asset Finance Survey 2016 available today.

It is the first industry report to provide the views of leading European lessors on what they consider to be the impact of the UK decision and its significance for European asset finance and leasing. It also brings into focus the positive values in the leasing market in Europe and the longer-term prospects in the view of Leaseurope Board members.

Brexit will inevitably cause headaches

Brexit will inevitably cause headaches. There may, for instance, be passporting issues for UK-based financial services providers. The most immediate fear is that consumer confidence will take a hit and investment decisions, already on hold prior to the referendum, will remain in check in much of Europe.

But there will also be opportunities – an early one being that the fall in sterling following the vote should help UK exporters. SMEs in the UK may benefit from Brexit as they are users of asset finance that have been disproportionately affected by EU Directives.

The survey also includes an exclusive interview with Leon Dhaene – new director general of Leaseurope.

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