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Asset Inspection & Remarketing

Asset Inspection and Remarketing chiefly helps mitigate risk for lenders by maintaining up-to-date records on the condition of vehicles. This also helps manufacturers and dealers protect their brand and reputation by having a reliable audit trail that keeps track of when and why damage occurred.

The very latest, ruggedized, compact devices are available to field auditors to capture data on the condition of vehicles, record details of any damage, and take digital photographs. That information is then uploaded to CALMS so that it can be accessed from anywhere.

Inspections can be allocated from CALMS and sent to a handheld device. Alternatively, the field auditor can decide to perform an inspection at any time and download the relevant CALMS information on demand. An easy-to-use graphical interface that includes a “flat car view” makes it easy for inspectors to quickly enter data and flag up damage and wear to vehicles.