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The CALMS End-of-Contract component includes extensive support for the contract maturity, asset collection, remarketing and disposal processes, including the management of hostile and non-hostile cases. A specialized suite of functions enabled by In-Life Services, each case is progressed through workflow from the collection of the vehicle, recharge of damage and excess, to the remarketing and disposal of the asset.

CALMS End-of-Contract can store, display and action the results of inspection, following an upload of an inspection report from the CALMS Asset Inspection component. Photographs of damage can be displayed alongside the description, presenting users with a clear view of the condition of the asset. Damages can then be recharged and excess mileage may be applied to the contract or waived. The End-of-Contract component supports the remarketing of the asset via auction, dealer, or private sale, it enables the user to quickly record and apply sales proceeds, or resubmit to auction if the asset remains unsold.