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Lead Management

CALMS includes sophisticated lead management tools to help customer-facing teams perform tasks at the right time, so they can drive maximum value from their client relationships.

It is possible to set lead triggers that flag all vehicle contracts based on specific business rules, such as their approaching maturity, when the customer requests a settlement quote, indicating that they may be considering changing their vehicle or when the value of a vehicle falls to the point where it could be renewed for the same monthly price (i.e. Equity Parity). Rules are used to avoid generating leads where it is not appropriate to do so, for example where the customer is in arrears/bankrupt/deceased.

There are also powerful lead routing capabilities, where a lead might be automatically passed onto a call center for follow-up if it were not suitable for a dealer or if a service guarantee had been missed.

Another key feature is the concept of the One-Click Lead Conversion, which is designed to make the process of arranging asset finance as fast and simple as possible for dealers.