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Payout Activation & Verification

The CALMS Payout Activation & Verification component is a standardized online interface and set of activation routines supporting the activation and payout of contracts. Standard data validations are applied to ensure that the receiving CALMS Back Office system has all the data it requires to activate a new contract, including support for additional products, commissions, subsidies and collaterals. Instalment profiles are generated directly from the supplied application data, receivables and payables created, the initial cashflow and income projection generated, and the generation of the initial posting set triggered.

Further integration with the CALMS Accounts Payable component supports the immediate creation of payable items for authorization in order to support your time sensitive payout requirements. Constructed to support the native integration between the CALMS Middle Office and CALMS Back Office modules, it can also support integration with other systems where required to suit your existing systems landscape.