Outsourcing and hosting

Cost-effective, flexible and secure outsourcing options

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There are several compelling reasons why some companies choose to deploy their business software remotely, rather than in-house.

That is why we offer a choice between systems deployed to your own IT infrastructure, as a managed hosted solution, or delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS).

Through our recent partnership with Amazon Web Services, we have greatly improved our cloud hosting capabilities and are now able to offer true business flexibility and limitless scalability to clients.

Our managed hosting solutions can be particularly attractive for startups as well as existing customers entering new markets. No upfront hardware investment and no network implementation.

Our hosting plan presents minimal risk, with no long-term contracts and scalability built in.

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CALMS at a glance

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Variety of options: Software can be deployed on-site, as a managed hosted solution or SaaS.

One-stop shop: Infrastructure designed and deployed by experts in CALMS ecosystem.

Rapid provisioning: Shortest time to an online CALMS system.

Flexible access: Connect from anywhere outside your office, or only from specific locations, through desktop or mobile devices.

Secure environment: Multi-tiered security built around the level of protection associated with financial institutions.

Technical team: Infrastructure experts with CALMS experience handling support and development of your environment in locations around the world.

Integration: Connected environment capable of securely sending and receiving information to and from your corporate ecosystem, including fax, secure email, BACS, etc


Without the need to invest in a large amount of equipment, in itself requiring sophisticated configuration, the hosting plan ensures rapid provisioning of your environment. All of our hosted systems are built around a level of protection associated with financial institutions, backed by ISO 9001/27001 certified datacenters around the world.

We work closely with our clients during the initial setup to ensure that in light of our security standards we are capable of interfacing with all appropriate systems to provide a fully integrated environment.

White Clarke CALMS Diagram

CALMS at a glance

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today,

A partner with experience and credibility, who had a certain scale, and who had the stature to come to us and challenge our thinking. Nick Ockwell, CIO, Exeter Finance Corp

EBV is very pleased with White Clarke Group and their success on the SEPA project. Maik Skottke, Head of IT, EBV-Leasing Gesellschaft m.b.H Co. KG (Erste Bank)

We’re excited to be able to offer this new program to Yamaha dealers and believe that our new relationship with White Clarke Group is an integral component of this new program.
Leone Foxwell, National Manager Inventory Finance, Yamaha Motor Canada