Sophisticated solution to handle complex floorplan financing


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Sophisticated solution to handle complex floorplan financing

CALMS Wholesale is a sophisticated inventory finance solution that provides comprehensive, self-service floorplanning and commercial finance capabilities for finance companies, manufacturers and dealers.

Inventory finance – also known as floorplanning, bailment, wholesale finance and distribution finance – is credit to fund retail inventory levels. The inventory acts as collateral for the loan and, as each asset is sold, so each loan is repaid and then each inventory item replenished with a new loan.

CALMS Wholesale enables you to keep up with the complex administrative trail this creates, especially when you have hundreds of customers, each with large numbers of inventory items, and rapid sales throughput.

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Outsourcing and Hosting
Cost-effective, flexible and secure alternatives to traditional in-house managed applications.


CALMS Wholesale is easy to learn and use, minimizing training overheads and increasing productivity, with an industry-leading feature set that includes:

  • Integrated stock auditing and automated results handling.
  • Powerful workflow that wraps seamlessly around existing business processes.
  • Single view of the customer for a “one call” capability when handling queries.
  • No-touch processing for improved efficiency, as only exceptions require attention.
  • KPI-driven dashboards that provide instant visibility of portfolio performance.
  • Drill-down capability that means anomalies can be investigated quickly and easily.
  • Comprehensive audit trailing that enables effective credit control and compliance.
  • International operation, supporting multi-national finance companies.


  • True supply chain integration
  • Role-based web interfaces
  • Finance companies can improve their operational efficiency and quality of service while giving dealers the power to manage their own credit
  • Manufacturers can review inventory across their dealer network and are better able to run targeted incentives campaigns to help drive sales
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A partner with experience and credibility, who had a certain scale, and who had the stature to come to us and challenge our thinking. Nick Ockwell, CIO, Exeter Finance Corp

EBV is very pleased with White Clarke Group and their success on the SEPA project. Maik Skottke, Head of IT, EBV-Leasing Gesellschaft m.b.H Co. KG (Erste Bank)

We’re excited to be able to offer this new program to Yamaha dealers and believe that our new relationship with White Clarke Group is an integral component of this new program.
Leone Foxwell, National Manager Inventory Finance, Yamaha Motor Canada