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07 Apr 2014

The UK is at last beginning to sense that it is pulling properly out of recession and that the upward trend in growth is not another temporary respite but a steady rise that indicates a real recovery. The things that should be going up (GDP, average earnings) are going up, and those that should be going down (inflation, unemployment) are doing so. Most noticeable, in terms of going up, is confidence.

This Country Survey aims to provide a balanced assessment of the asset and auto finance market in the UK. The survey covers the following areas:

  • A summary of asset finance and leasing activity;
  • The current economic and business climate and forecasts for 2014;
  • Insights on the current state of the market, its outlook and the challenges and opportunities that face it − provided by a selection of key industry figures from a cross-section of lenders, from
  • larger, broadbased lenders to smaller niche operators, and covering all areas of equipment and vehicle finance;
  • The challenges in recruiting new talent;
  • The latest developments in company car tax; and
  • The potential changes facing consumer credit lenders.

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