Sub-Prime Automotive Finance

White Clarke Group offers the breakthrough platform for sub-prime automotive finance

CALMS is the definitive, next-generation loan origination solution for sub-prime automotive finance companies. Faster, more confident decisioning in an increasingly regulated marketplace.

CALMS is helping to:

  • Dramatically reduce credit decision times by using a combination of rule-based decisioning and a sophisticated credit analyst’s toolset
  • Build new relationships with channel partners, dealers and end-consumers
  • Provide multiple channels for dealers and consumers via integrators, direct dealer portal and numerous mobile options
  • Offer comprehensive customer self-service
  • Adapt and re-adapt to an ever-changing market

Confident, automated decisioning

CALMS provides a sophisticated rules engine that allows your business to build scorecards, decision rules and to systematically enforce your lending policies.

The increased accuracy in scoring and risk assessment means reduced stipulations and a greater number of high quality approvals. You can be sure you are delivering the most competitive decisions back to dealers, with the flexibility to respond to changing customer circumstances.

CALMS is also helping companies to achieve automated decisioning even in the sub-prime market, giving still faster decisions, lower transaction costs and a whole new way of doing business.

Clients like Exeter Finance Corp. benefit from the following key features

  • Highly configurable
  • Sophisticated auto decisioning capabilities
  • Built around the user experience – ease of use for direct, indirect and in-house channels
  • Advanced technology that can be utilized over the web or via smartphones and tablets
  • Full integration with channel partners
  • Integration with key third-party service providers
  • Integrated e-docs processing
  • Comprehensive verification and stipulations functionality
  • Provable consistency of approach for credit decisions
  • System-enforced pre-funding checks
  • State and regional configuration
  • Full audit and compliance control

Speedy decisions, increased opportunities

The CALMS architecture provides improved business integration with partners all along the value chain. The benefits of instant access to third-party data are clear: faster decisioning, right there with the consumer, in a matter of seconds.

Residence, income and employment verification for better risk assessment. Increased sales opportunities without undermining due diligence.

Out-of-the-box, standard configurations mean rapid implementation that fit your business needs.

Thriving in a changing world

CALMS is built on proven, global expertise, with complete tailorability built in. Your own processes, your own workflows and your own look-and-feel all mean that you can configure products and programs that exactly match your customers’ and partners’ needs.

This ability to fine-tune systems is your surest way to meet the challenges of an ever-changing sub-prime landscape.

Self-serve – A growing customer expectation

Increasingly, consumers are turning to the Internet to select products and compare lenders’ rates. And White Clarke Group is at the forefront of technology, enabling companies to provide a multitude of mobile offerings to their technology-savvy customer base.

From finance quotes to vehicle shoppers; on tablets, smartphones and traditional PCs and laptops, CALMS advanced web 2.0 technology will allow you to service your customers on their terms, when they choose.

Regulatory compliance

The demands of the CFPB and other Federal and State regulators make it increasingly important to be able to demonstrate full transparency in all lending decisions made. White Clarke Group’s product set provides the ability to systemize business and credit rules so that they can be demonstrated to be compliant and fair during any audit or inspection, showing a consistency in decisioning along with a full audit trail.

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today

A partner with experience and credibility, who had a certain scale, and who had the stature to come to us and challenge our thinking. Nick Ockwell, CIO, Exeter Finance Corp

EBV is very pleased with White Clarke Group and their success on the SEPA project. Maik Skottke, Head of IT, EBV-Leasing Gesellschaft m.b.H Co. KG (Erste Bank)

We’re excited to be able to offer this new program to Yamaha dealers and believe that our new relationship with White Clarke Group is an integral component of this new program.
Leone Foxwell, National Manager Inventory Finance, Yamaha Motor Canada