Case Study

Fleet Management Company – Point-of-Sale

A leading fleet management company, specializing in the small fleet sector, has transformed the way franchisee brokers capture deals — using a specially tailored POS solution from White Clarke Group.


Dealing with end-customer fleets that average less than two cars or vans each, demands very tight management and efficient, user-friendly access for independent brokers. This UK company had managed with legacy software for some years, but recognized that rather than simply managing the front-end processes, a truly modern system could provide added value for brokers, plus new and better ways to sell a whole range of financial products.


White Clarke Group was commissioned to create the new POS franchisee experience, leveraging the web 2.0 strengths of CALMS.


The system, which went live in February 2012, allows them to sell a full portfolio of products, from contract hire to leasing and HP, all through the self-serve portal. A major advantage is the ability, quickly and easily, to offer manufacturer stock deals and specials – re-configuring financial products and bringing new offerings to market almost on-demand. Data management is so much easier, with CAP (the leading UK provider of used vehicle values, future residual values and new vehicle data) information uploaded automatically overnight.

The new front-end POS solution manages the whole quoting process and is fully integrated with customer’s mid-office system, where the proposal is created – all transparent to the franchisee. Integration is achieved through the CALMS integration hub. Should a deal involve an especially high value vehicle, or one where the franchise may not want to do business, it can be referred to Head Office. Because the system is fully workflow-driven, it manages the conversations between Head Office and the franchisee.

For the franchisees, who are not tied-in, they can configure deals with full visibility so much faster, making it easier to do business with this fleet management company. This is already delivering incremental business, capturing deals even where there may be a slight financial disadvantage against competitors.

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“This new solution is testimony to the ease and speed with which the CALMS platform can be tailored, using the CALMS integration hub,” says Nick Houlton, Director, White Clarke Group. “We were delighted with the live project’s progress and the client is more than delighted with the very real business benefits it delivers.”

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today.