Case Study

Volkswagen Financial Services UK- SAP compliant Contract Management System

Volkswagen Financial Services UK migrates to fully SAP-compliant Contract Management System and Fleet Management solution from White Clarke Group


When the Volkswagen Group adopted an international SAP strategy for back-office systems, Volkswagen Financial Services UK faced a challenge. How to maintain the benefits of a best-of-breed Contract Management Solution within the Group SAP strategy? White Clarke Group has provided the answer, which should have resonance for other asset finance organizations that have adopted an SAP platform based on Netweaver technology.


“When our parent company adopted a worldwide SAP strategy, it created a challenge for us because, in my view, SAP does not have a suitable CMS offering for the very special requirements of an asset finance company,” says Gerhard Naegele, VWFS UK IT Director.

“Our existing CMS solution, developed by White Clarke Group nine years ago and expanded over the years, was robust, stable, delivered the highest levels of functionality and provided the business agility we need as a growing company. The decision was an easy one – marry existing functionality with the best technology to create a fully SAP-compliant solution. That’s exactly what White Clarke Group have helped us to achieve.”


The CMS application covers the complete contract management lifecycle from the point of activation through to maturity or termination of the contract. It is live in two countries – Ireland and the UK – and supports a live portfolio of around 300,000 contracts. Two hundred users have access to the system, ranging from core customer service personnel to occasional business users.

“The system has been designed to sit within an SAP-centric landscape, able to communicate with both SAP and non-SAP applications using SAP PI (XI) integration capabilities,” explains Brendan Gleeson, Global Sales & Marketing Director at White Clarke Group. “It has been built as a no-compromise, fully independent SAP-compliant component; much like any of the core SAP modules. In other words, it has not been implemented as an extension to any of the existing modules such as CRM or FI, which would have imposed inherent limitations on the design of the model and its processes. Indeed, it depends on no SAP components other than SAP basis. This means that the application benefits from a model that has been uniquely designed to meet the business’s needs while capitalizing on the integration capabilities offered by the SAP application architecture.”

The system integrates fully with White Clarke Group’s Point-of-Sale system and can integrate easily with any other POS solutions that are able to meet its interface definition.

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“Based on the very smooth transition experience, we have already started work with migrating our Fleet Services solutions,” adds Gerhard Naegele.

For more detail on any aspect of CALMS, please contact us today.