[Live Webinar] Evolving a Software Delivery Fastpipe

Evolving a Software Delivery Fastpipe

Venue: GoToWebinar

According to the 2020 Upskilling Enterprise DevOps Skills Report, improving product delivery is something that over 50% of software companies are struggling to get right.

With COVID-19 crippling many industries, it’s important to streamline operations as much as possible in preparation for a swift recovery and a sustainable future.

So what can software businesses do to fine-tune their pipelines and optimise their product delivery strategy?

Wayne Ross, Group CTO of White Clarke Group, will be leading our webinar at 3pm BST / 10AM EST  on Thursday 23rd July to give guidance on achieving a robust product delivery pipeline that is:

  • High-speed: automated continuous integration and delivery
  • High-quality: in-depth automated testing
  • Lower-cost: reduced product delivery costs

If you’d like to join us, register now.

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