White Clarke Group announced as Headline Sponsor at IAFN 2019

On the 13th June, at 155 Bishopsgate, etc.venues, in London, key industry leaders and specialists will gather at the IAFN conference to consider the findings of a major new study conducted by Professor Tim Baines of Aston Business School on the changing roles of fleet, auto retail and equipment finance providers as digitalisation and servitisation begin to transform the auto and equipment finance.

This conference focuses on the findings of a Delphi study supported by White Clarke Group, conducted among twelve leading global banks and manufacturer captives, as new service-focused finance models including pay-per-mile, power-by-the-hour, device-as-a-service and even (in the case of one robot manufacturer) pay-per-pick start to emerge.

  • Find out how one leading global auto finance captive is orchestrating a shift towards service-focussed finance among the manufacturers they serve
  • Hear what roles a leading global bank plays in the service-focused ecosystem of next-generation manufacturers
  • Learn how the role of independent finance companies is shifting – and why creating a seamless customer experience is more important than ever for small and medium-sized finance companies
  • Understand what the emerging asset finance ecosystems mean for end-to-end asset finance technology providers

The conference culminates in the annual IAFN Awards ceremony, which aims to highlight exceptional industry performance and achievements, including a new servitisation award provided by White Clarke Group.

“Once again, White Clarke Group is delighted to sponsor London’s leading industry gathering, and back the research that underpins the International Asset Finance Network 2019 conference. This conference provides us with a great opportunity to not only showcase our newest product innovations but to also identify the key areas of future development according to industry leaders and disruptors”, said Brendan Gleeson, Group Chief Executive Officer at White Clarke Group.

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