IAFN Online Conferences: Session 1 – UK Government Action & Industry Implications

We’re delighted to be the headline sponsor for the International Asset Finance Network‘s online conference series on the effects of Coronavirus on the asset & auto finance industry.

In the first session of the series, the panel discussed how access to data and funding will be critical tools in the asset finance industry’s recovery.

Insights from experienced business leaders of some of the UK’s largest asset finance organisations are included in this exclusive summary. Speakers include:

• Stephen Sklaroff, former Director General, Finance and Leasing Association
• Simon Goldie, Head of Asset Finance, Finance and Leasing Association
• Richard Knubben, Deputy Director General of Leaseurope and Eurofinas
• Colin Fleischmann, Group Director, White Clarke Group
• Jonathan Andrew, Chief Operating Officer, PEAC Finance

You can download the summary here or watch the full recording of the seminar.

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