White Clarke Group celebrates International Women’s Day

Statistics show that women are still a minority in technology-related roles and organisations.

We believe diversity and equality are things to be celebrated all year, but for International Women’s Day, we wanted to give a platform to some of the amazing women making a difference at White Clarke Group.

Meet just some of our staff from across our global offices as we ask them about their experiences and roles working at White Clarke Group – both the challenges and the rewards.


Claudia Baierl

Senior Software Developer, White Clarke Group Austria

I’m a Senior Software Developer and I started working for White Clarke Group in May 2019.

One thing I’m proud of having achieved is the good feedback from customers I’ve received related to things I’ve worked on. Most of all, I’m proud of learning so much about the technology stack we’re using.

Every day at White Clarke Group comes with new challenges. Some of these are related to my work as a developer when certain things simply don’t work the way I’d like them to! On other days it’s working through misunderstandings and shared problems with colleagues. But that makes my job so interesting– we get to solve problems for a living.

A hugely rewarding part of my job is seeing software that I’ve developed and the ideas that I’ve presented up and running on our environments.

Anna Lepp

Global PR & Marketing Director, White Clarke Group UK

I joined White Clarke Group in 2010 as a Marketing Manager, 5 years later becoming the Global PR & Marketing Director. In my role, I manage our day-to-day marketing functions across Europe, the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions.

In my time here I’ve reshaped and modernised our overall marketing strategy and helped White Clarke Group build a strong and well-recognised brand internationally. We’ve also improved internal company communications to make sure our people know what’s going on around the business.

Before I joined White Clarke Group I had predominantly automotive and marketing experience, so I had to learn fast about financial services. As our product offering globally is rich, it also took me some time to understand how different the markets and segments operate in the industry.

I find the most rewarding part of my role is seeing how our marketing efforts support the company’s growth and feeling the difference when something really works; there are a lot of opportunities to experiment with innovative ideas and push marketing’s limits.

Daniela Lolescu

Project Manager, White Clarke Group Stuttgart

I’m a Project Manager with responsibilities related to our Daimler project. I have been working for White Clarke Group for 3 years.

Before coming here, I was active in the automotive industry for 15 years and worked alongside some of the largest market players, such as Porsche, Daimler and UniCredit Bank.

One of the achievements that I’m particularly proud of in my time here is being able to represent our company during sensitive, strategic contractual negotiations.

One thing I love is being able to work within multicultural teams, both within White Clarke Group and on the client-side, collaborating with people from around the world. Equally, I’ve really enjoyed being part of some of White Clarke Group’s strategic initiatives for onboarding new joiners in our office in India; a very interesting, amazing and rewarding experience.

Mihaela Lupu

Business Analyst, White Clarke Group Stuttgart

For almost a year I’ve been working as a Business Analyst in our Stuttgart office.

My greatest accomplishment so far is quite recent; in the past month, a client needed solution documentation to be written in a very short timeframe. I did manage to complete it on time and the client was really happy with the final item.

My last job was in my native country, so this is the first time I’ve worked abroad. Integrating into another organisation’s culture has been difficult sometimes, but also really interesting. My colleagues have a positive attitude and my team has a warm atmosphere, so it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Ami Sands

Business Analyst, White Clarke Group UK

I have been with White Clarke Group for just over three years now. I joined as Executive Assistant to the CEO. After a year and a half, I became a Junior Business Analyst, and now I’m a Business Analyst.

A memorable moment for me is from 2018 when I was collecting supplies for homeless people in the local area as part of a company charity initiative. The company, staff and friends donated items and funds so that we could distribute packages. Over the course of the year, we gave out 245 care packages to rough sleepers in Milton Keynes, including hundreds of coats, blankets, umbrellas, first aid kits, toiletries, clothing and sanitary items.

My proudest moment was giving a care package to a homeless woman; when she noticed the sanitary products in the bag, she cheered and hugged me.

A challenging aspect of my work is balancing expectations, quality and time input. That said, when something you’ve been working on for a long time eventually gets completed, it’s great to see the product of your team’s hard work.

Rashmi Gubbi Ramamurthy

Automation Test Engineer, White Clarke Group India

My role at White Clarke Group is an Automation Test Engineer. I have been working here for about a year and a half.

I’m especially proud of my work completed on the implementation of CALMS CMS Automation EOD DB, where my calculations were much appreciated from the management side. It has sometimes been difficult, such as when finding defects that need to be fixed quickly, but it is an opportunity for improving my understanding of the system.

The working environment here has been friendly and provides a great work-life balance.

Ramya Sarvotham

Test Manager, White Clarke Group India

I’ve been a Test Manager at White Clarke Group for over 4 years, during which I’ve spent a lot of time building up an efficient CMS testing team in our India office.

One of the more difficult aspects of my job is working with different time zones to assist with overlap and providing support to onsite teams. That said, I feel pride in being able to clarify doubts and answer queries from our clients and knowing that myself and my team have done a great job.

Preethi Hebbar

Junior Java Developer, White Clarke Group India

I joined White Clarke Group about 6 months ago, fresh from graduation as a Junior Java Developer working in the Wholesale Finance team.

Everything felt new for me at first and I initially struggled with understanding such a complex application. However, I’ve progressed significantly, recently completed my probation and received wonderful comments and feedback from my team members and manager.

One of the challenging parts of the job is learning to solve a problem quickly within a time limit, especially as I’m still quite new and am working alongside more experienced colleagues. I’m happy that I have been able to contribute, and with the feedback they have given me throughout my time here.

Kayla du Plessis

Project Manager, White Clarke Group Australia

I joined White Clarke Group in Sydney as a Project Manager in April 2017. Having come from a background in managing operations for a decade, joining a software company was quite a change.

A challenge I faced in this role is that I came in with limited technical knowledge. I thought this was going to be very self-limiting in the position when I first started and was terrified at the thought of knowing too little. However, I try to stand by the idea that you need open dialogue with the true technical superpowers and to rely on their expertise to continually learn and develop.

Since starting here, I have participated in a variety of teams and projects in White Clarke Group and I have been lucky to find myself surrounded by incredible mentors and leadership. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of teamwork that goes into delivering software and I was surprised at how rewarding the wins are when they are shared with a brilliant team.

Grethel Lockhart

Business Analyst Manager, White Clarke Group Australia

I’ve been with White Clarke Group for 18 years. In that time, I’ve been a key player in various projects, though right now my role involves managing change requests for various clients in the UK, Australia and China. I’ve worked with various clients in my time here, which has given me extensive knowledge of both our CMS system and how our clients operate.

The most challenging part of my role day-to-day is not being able to meet and deal with clients directly. However, working with such a dedicated and engaged team and being able to learn something new on a regular basis makes it all worth it.

Manisha McNulty

Senior Technical Architect, DevOps and DBA Manager,  White Clarke Group UK

My initial role at White Clarke Group was as a Senior Technical Architect, later moving into a number of different areas. My role has since expanded to include Senior Technical Architect, DevOps and DBA Manager.

Helping White Clarke Group to introduce new technologies to improve quality has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my role. Examples include the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Automation Pipeline and Architecture Blueprint, which have been critical in driving efficiency and quality.

Having the support of the management team ensured a successful rollout of the pipeline across the organisation, which has been a massive achievement for White Clarke Group. It was also rewarding for me personally as management had faith in my vision and had entrusted me with the project’s completion.

As technology continues to be embedded in our lives, I sometimes find it a challenge to balance my personal and work life in the sense that it’s difficult to switch off the mindset of always having new ideas or ways to improve the way we work.

Ottilia Deb

Quality Assurance Lead, White Clarke Group Canada

I joined White Clarke as a member of the QA team 13 years ago. Since then, I’ve been a part of most projects in the Toronto office and am now the Quality Assurance Lead.

With each project, going through the preparation, planning and execution to result in the successful delivery of the first release has been amazingly rewarding. I enjoy my work and look forward to coming to work every day.

A personal challenge for me is having to say ‘no’ sometimes, and knowing when, how and why to say it during a release cycle or test cycle. Overall, positive feedback and acknowledgement from customers and clients to say they are happy with work well done really validates our work as a team.

Sabrina Phillips

Junior Marketing & Sales Assistant, White Clarke Group Canada

I am currently working as the Junior Marketing and Sales Assistant. I started working for White Clarke Group in July 2019.

One thing I’m proud of is having planned and coordinated our exhibit at AFS and AFSA Vehicle conferences this year. These were the first conferences I was given the responsibility to plan, and their successful turnout marked a highlight of my time so far at White Clarke Group.

Something I find challenging is having to chase people globally for information prior to deadlines. I’ve sometimes found it difficult to track information, but in the sales and marketing team, it’s an aspect that is vital in keeping information up to date.

I love being able to work alongside amazing people every day and look forward to the satisfaction of events or demos I manage that go smoothly. Being able to see the work I complete having a positive impact on the company is a reward in itself!

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