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Senior asset finance leaders fireside chat – SGEF

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The impact of digitalisation and sustainability on the future of asset finance was the focus of the first session in a major new seminar series organised by the International Asset Finance Network Online.

In a series of ‘Fireside Chats’ throughout 2021, industry leaders will share their thoughts on the key trends that are affecting the auto and equipment finance markets and reveal their expert views on how the market is changing.

The first of the sessions, supported by White Clarke Group, featured Florence Roussel-Pollet, Chief Commercial Officer of Societe Generale Equipment Finance (SGEF).

Asset finance is critical to global business growth and the Coronavirus pandemic has proved the industry to be resilient to the harshest economic environments.

During the in-depth discussion, Roussel-Pollet revealed that SGEF is predicting long-term changes in the way the business works after accelerating digital innovation during the COVID-19 crisis.

Roussel-Pollet added that SGEF will take a pragmatic approach to future investment, based on how well the global economy is recovering, and said partnerships will be critical to building a digital ecosystem that delivers close relationships with vendors, manufacturers, service providers and technology suppliers.

It comes as SGEF progresses plans for future expansion, with Australia expected to be the first major new market during 2021, with India another key region of interest.

To deliver this growth, product innovation led by a diverse and inclusive team will be vital.

For a detailed summary of the session, download the report using the form above.

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