Germany Leasing Market Update 2020

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The German economy has enjoyed a sustained positive trajectory since 2009, with GDP for the entire year of 2018 rising by 1.9% (after price adjustment). The growth rate superseded the estimated rates published by the German Council of Economic Experts in their November 2018 Annual Report.

In recent years, Germany’s growth has been largely characterised as strongly export-driven. Domestic demand has become an increasingly important factor of growth after the last five years of worldwide economic and political uncertainty.

The labour market has provided a strong foundation for the ongoing growth of the German economy in recent months; prior to the breakout of COVID-19 in early 2020, Germany overall was in an excellent position in terms of the strength of their leasing markets.

This new country survey, created in association with the World Leasing Yearbook, aims to provide a balanced assessment of developments for the leasing markets of Germany up to the start of 2020.

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