Global Leasing Report 2020

Please note due to contractual obligations the 2020 Global Leasing Report will no longer be available for download from the 20th of December 2020. The 2021 Global Leasing Report will be launched on March 2nd 2021. 


White Clarke Group’s Global Leasing Report for 2020 Released: Nine Years of Continuous Growth in Leasing.

The 41st Global Leasing Report, released by White Clarke Group in association with the World Leasing Yearbook, is the definitive guide to the world’s top 50 leasing markets. The report provides a leading analysis of country trading environments and trends in auto and equipment finance.

Highlights show that the global leasing industry has grown by 131% in the past nine years— a remarkable achievement for Asia, North America and Europe in particular given the struggles of the economic recession of the early 2010’s.

The report goes on to explain that while these three regions make up 95% of the world’s total volume,  other regions, such as Africa, have conversely shown a steady decline in growth (when expressed in US$).  The USA and China, the two countries with the largest impact overall on the Global Leasing Report ranking, have shown an incredible annual volume of $US682.82bn, which outstrips that of all the other measured countries combined.

The Global Leasing Report provides an invaluable insight into how the leasing market continues to demonstrate flexibility and innovation in the face of economic challenges and new technologies.


About the Global Leasing Report

The White Clarke Group Global Leasing Report features data on international leasing volume and growth by region, market penetration, GDP penetration ratios and market shares as well as a unique ranking of the top 50 leasing markets by size. The Global Leasing Report is prepared by White Clarke Group in association with the World Leasing Yearbook.

About the World Leasing Yearbook

This report is an extract from the complete Global Leasing Report which is part of the 352-page World Leasing Yearbook. To obtain the full report, which contains 7 additional tables and figures, you can purchase the book on the World Leasing Yearbook website or call: +44 1206 579591.



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