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Global Leasing Report 2021

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The Global Leasing Report, released by White Clarke Group in association with the World Leasing Yearbook, is the definitive guide to the world’s top 50 leasing markets. The report has been established for over 30 years as a leading analysis of country trading environments and trends in auto and equipment finance.

The 2021 report covers the status of global leasing markets in the months prior to the breakout of COVID-19, providing a useful point of reference for market trajectory per region.  For instance, the report demonstrates that the USA’s annual volume of $473.38bn outstripped the combined total of the subsequent three rankings from China, the UK and Germany. However, despite the USA’s promising year-on-year growth of 10.5% over the previous year, it remains to be seen what effect COVID will have on next year’s leasing figures as the country remains amongst the hardest hit by the virus.

While the USA and Germany maintained a steady level of growth through 2019, China, Canada, and to a lesser extent the UK, experienced minimal year-on-year growth even prior to the pandemic. Already-slow progress in these respective markets may potentially jeopardise the recovery in the months to come.

The Global Leasing Report 2021 provides an invaluable insight into how the leasing market has continued to demonstrate flexibility and innovation in the face of economic challenges and new technologies. In this turbulent economic period for the auto and asset finance industry and beyond, having a constant awareness of market strengths and weaknesses, as well as potential areas of innovative growth, will be vital.


About the Global Leasing Report

The White Clarke Group Global Leasing Report features data on international leasing volume and growth by region, market penetration, GDP penetration ratios and market shares, as well as a unique ranking of the top 50 leasing markets by size. The Global Leasing Report is prepared by White Clarke Group in association with the World Leasing Yearbook.

About the World Leasing Yearbook

This report is an extract from the complete Global Leasing Report, which is part of the 364-page World Leasing Yearbook. To obtain the full report, which features 12 tables and graphs and a 4,000-word commentary, you can purchase the World Leasing Yearbook 2021 in digital or hardback formats at, or email [email protected].



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