Switzerland Leasing Market Update 2020

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In association with the World Leasing Yearbook, this annual survey provides an assessment of the national leasing markets of Switzerland, focusing on the period up to mid-2019.

Comprised of in-depth research conducted on behalf of Schweizerischer Leasingverband SLV/Association Suisse des Sociétés de Leasing ASSL, the survey offers a wealth of Switzerland’s leasing industry insights.

This includes a breakdown of Switzerland’s largest customer segments, where private consumer finance equated to an impressive 44.8% of new contracts for vehicle purchase in 2018. In contrast, the report shows that fleet leasing has stagnated over the same period, making up just 0.9% of new transactions amongst association members that year.

These statistics demonstrate that Switzerland’s leasing economy demonstrates a strong likelihood of recovery in its consumer finance sector, should manufacturer delays be minimal. Fleet leasing, on the other hand, is likely to feel the strain of recovery given its already-declining popularity amongst customers. Furthermore, though demand for more flexible mobility models and alternatives to ownership are expected to increase where development has been relatively slow, the economic contraction of COVID-19 on the leasing market at large is likely to slow progress in this area.

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