Customer Service at a Distance: How lenders are surviving COVID-19

On Thursday 23rd April, Colin Fleischmann, Business Development Director, and Shim Mannan, EVP Product & Business Development at White Clarke Group, hosted a webinar to explore the ways that lenders might adapt to the COVID-19 situation.

Check out the webinar recording for an update on:

  • How businesses can make the most of staff working remotely
  • Uniting virtual and human customer interactions to help your business thrive
  • An assessment of logistical and infrastructural requirements to provide great customer experiences at a distance
  • Business beyond the pandemic – how adaptations might affect the future and what the road ahead could look like
  • A medical perspective from a guest speaker on the background, aftermath, and societal changes of COVID-19

The webinar concludes with a Q&A session with the hosts and guest speaker.

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