Fireside chat with Richard Jones, Managing Director of Motor Finance & Leasing, Lloyds Banking Group

The second in a new fireside chat series from International Asset Finance Network Online sponsored by White Clarke Group explores industry topics on the minds of executives in the equipment and asset finance sector.

In this episode, David Betteley, Head of Content at IAFN talks with Richard Jones, Managing Director of Motor Finance & Leasing at Lloyds Banking Group about the issues which are keeping senior auto finance industry execs awake at night.

Topics covered include:

  • How the role of dealerships is changing and what that means for point of sale finance
  • When and how finance companies expect to make money from financing electric vehicles
  • Understanding the opportunities and challenges from the shift to PCH, subscriptions and mobility
  • The role of banks as the focus of auto finance shifts from selling products to selling services
  • The long term effects of the pandemic on the auto industry

For more information download our summary paper of the session here

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